Company profiles - IRIDRA

IRIDRA is an engineering SME based in Florence (ITALY) founded in 1998 by a multidisciplinary group of professionals (biology, chemistry, engineering) with multi-years experience in sustainable water management


Nicola Martinuzzi, Engineer, CEO

Fabio Masi, Chemist, Ph.D.Env.Sci.., Technical Director

Riccardo Bresciani, Engineer, Project Manager

Giulio Conte, Biologist, Project Manager

Ivano Filippini, Land Surveyor-CAD designer

IRIDRA main activities concern analysis, planning and design of sustainable solutions for water resources management. Its engineering services ranges from consultancy – e.g. preliminary analysis, water quality monitoring (of natural water bodies or wastewater)  - to large scale water planning, such as river basin plans, up to full design and works supervision of water and wastewater management systems (e.g. rainwater collection, grey-water treatment and reuse, wastewater collection and treatment, surface runoff management).

IRIDRA field of excellence is the design of Constructed Wetlands (CW) for wastewater treatment: IRIDRA staff designed over 250 CW systems to face several problems (domestic, urban and industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, extensive systems for agricultural and highway runoff, Combined Sewer Overflows) in different geographical situations (Italy, North Africa, Moldavia, Ecuador, Sri Lanka). For most of the CW designed that has been realized, IRIDRA team also did works supervision and participated to the CW management and monitoring during following years of operation.

IRIDRA expertise on CW design, management and monitoring concerns all different technologies known, according to the most updated scientific knowledge:

      Ø  subsurface horizontal systems (H-SFS, to treat industrial, urban, domestic or separated greywater);

      Ø  vertical flow systems (V-SFS, including the “French style” vertical flow wetlands, that doesn’t require any primary treatment);

      Ø  free water systems (FW, mainly used as final  polishing stage for urban wastewater or for the treatment and flow regulation of urban and agriculture runoff);

     Ø  Multistage integrated systems (where different H-SFS, V-SFS an FW are integrated in a single plant, for most complex treatment conditions, such as large urban plants, industrial wastewater, landfill leachate, Combined Sewage Overflows)

      Ø  Rainwater filtering, rain gardens

IRIDRA is also leading the sustainable sanitation and Ecosan concept in Italy, designing the water cycle of some innovative buildings in Italy.

To preserve its role of Italian leader in Sustainable Water Management Techniques, keeping to date with the latest technical and scientific advances, IRIDRA did take part in several international research, demonstration and dissemination projects, in partnership with leading European research institutions. Most innovative results of IRIDRA research activities are presented during scientific conventions and are published on international peer reviewed journals. Since 1999, the Technical Director of IRIDRA is the Italian responsible of the International Water Association (IWA) Specialist group on the use of Macrophytes for Water Pollution Control.



·         Constructed Wetlands /Treatment Wetlands

·         Sustainable Water Management and Sustainable sanitation (including urine separation and composting toilets)

·         Reuse of treated wastewater

·         Rainwater harvesting and management

·         Water saving

·         Water supply

·         Sewage systems

·         Ecological Engineering

·         Landscaping

·         River restoration

·         Buffer zones and wooden filter strips for nutrients removal

·         Training and Environmental Education

·         Organization of seminars, conferences and courses


AWARDS: several IRIDRA realizations have been awarded by “ecological” prizes

  1. Carnia Alps Award for Green Projects with the Gorgona Island Penitentiary Constructed Wetland Treatment System Project in 1997;
  2. Mention as best scientific contribution in the EMWater Project Regional Conference “Efficient Management of Wastewater, its treatment and reuse in the Mediterranean Countries”, Amman, Jordan, November 2006 with the paper and invited oral communication: Masi F., Martinuzzi N. “Sustainable Sanitation by Constructed Wetlands in the Mediterranean countries: experiences in small/medium size communities and tourism facilities”.
  3. Mention in the Award 2007 of the Italian Forum on Water Saving and Conservation with the Preganziol Social Housing Project (segregation of black and grey wastewater, treatment by constructed wetlands and reuse); the “SHE” EC Project, in which Preganziol is one of the Italian pilot sites, has recently received the National Award 2007 of the Energy Globe Award (the world award for sustainability).
  4. Mention in the 2010 Award “Eco-efficient Tuscany” for the project “Multistage Constructed Wetland treatment for the winery Cecchi & F., Castellina in Chanti (SI).
  5. Mention in the Award 2011 “Planet Water” of the Italian Forum on Water Saving and Conservation with the Project “Sustainable Water Management for the new Kerakoll Research and Development Center at Sassuolo”.
  6. Award of Excellence in the 2012 “Eco-efficient Tuscany” Award for the project “Multistage Constructed Wetland treatment for the winery Val delle Rose, Cecchi & F., (Grosseto - Italy).


IRIDRA SRL - Via Alfonso La Marmora, 51, 50121, Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 055 470729 Web: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.