Company profiles - Rotaria do Brasil


Rotária do Brasil is an engineering and consulting company specialized in implementation and operation of wastewater treatment systems, founded in 2002 by Christoph Platzer.  Christoph Platzer is PhD in wetlands (VF/HSSF), he founded Rotária do Brasil in 2002 and Rotaria del Perú in 2006. Rotária has designed/built about 150 treatment plants, using SBR, UASB, and wetlands: horizontal or vertical flow.  95% of the designed wetlands are vertical flow and 2/3 of overall projects are SBRs. To ensure high efficiency with optimized space, Rotária also designs its wetlands by oxygen balance, a development of the company.  Rotária operates about 60 treatment plants with operations in Brazil and Peru.  There are approximately 50 employees in the group Rotária do Brasil. The company works with Brazilian and International Partners.  The turnover of Rotária do Brasil was about € 1,6 Mio last year.