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Don’t miss GWT presentations at this year’s conference:

10th International Symposium

On Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control

10 – 14 September 2023 | Bruges, Belgium


Chiara Sarti, Anacleto Rizzo, Riccardo Bresciani, Fabio Masi, Alain Petitjean, Ania Morvannou, Jan Schuetz, Flor Louage, Vaidotas Kisielius and Dr. Jaime Nivala (keynote) will present work which has been authored or co-authored by GWT members.







AKUT mbB has been developing solutions for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources since 1988. They have a specialised research and development department and a commitment to future-orientated solutions across the board.

Areas of specific expertise:

  • Sewage engineering
  • Urban surface waters
  • Decentralised stormwater management
  • Solar technology
  • Greywater and rainwater utilisation
  • Biogas and district heating systems


The GWT contact for AKUT is Heribert Rustige, Managing Director, Research and Development)

Heri and AKUT small


Heribert Rustige, Dipl Ing Environmental Engineering, is a researcher and designer of wetland systems, offering expertise and services internationally via AKUT Umweltschutz Ingenieure Burkard u Partner engineering company in Berlin, Germany.

In 1988 after graduation from the Technical University of Berlin, Heribert co-founded AKUT to bring innovative solutions from research into praxis. Since then, constructed wetlands has been a major field of expertise from small systems in the 1990s to large modern industrial wetlands in China. AKUT contributed to many research projects defining the standards for natural wastewater treatment in Germany. As a member of the German standard committees DIN and DWA, and the Ecological Engineering Society (IOV), Heribert has been instrumental in using applied research results to develop guidelines and standards.

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AKUT Umweltschutz Ingenieure

Burkard und Partner mbB

Wattstr. 10, 13355 Berlin


+49 30 52 000 95-0



For over 20 years, our services in environmental technology have been valued as innovative and reliable by our clients.

We are specialized in:

AKUT Umweltschutz Ingenieure
Burkard und Partner

Wattstr. 10, 13355 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 52 000 95-0
Fax: +49 30 52 000 95-9

Sydower Feld 4
16359 Biesenthal

Tel.: +49 3337 41908
Fax.: +49 3337 41907


e-mail :
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The IWA Specialist Group on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control is organizing two new online events of YWP career pathways series where established professionals of the field will share their experiences and views on career opportunities in the wetland world.

21st of September at 2:00 pm (CEST), Gabriela Dotro (Senior Researcher at Cranfield University), Link

15th November at 1:30 pm (CET), Scott Wallace (CEO Naturally Wallace - GWT founding member), Link