Marcy Etoile CSO overflow

Full scale pilot plant treating CSO overflow in the Greater Lyon area.

GREATER LYON, Municipality « MARCY ETOILE» , Rhône (69)

Treatment of CSO (Combined Sewerage Overflow)

Designed and constructed by SINT/EPURNATURE

530 m2 ( 2 * 265 m²),  storage capacity 1200 m3    (annual rain  event)

Additional Info

  • Type of wastewater treated: Domestic
  • Type of wastewater (other): CSO overflow
  • Needs:

    The main sewers going from the periphheral areas  to the wastewater treatment plants of Greater Lyon are overloaded during rain events.  Greater Lyon is looking for alternative solutions to constructing new sewers, which is extremly expensive.

  • Solution:

    This pilot plant is part of a move by Greater Lyon to treat stormwater directly in the peripheral areas and thus to alleviate hydraulic loadings of the downstream sewer. 

  • Benefits:

    Excess stormwater in the combined sewerage systems can be stored and treated in the peripheral areas of Greater Lyon, in facilities wich integrate well into the periurban landscape. 

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