Gerald R Ford International Airport

Gerald R Ford International Airport Naturally Wallace Consulting

Wetland to treat run-off from deicing operations contaminated with high concentrations of glycol compounds and capable of handling peak flows and loading from winter storms.

This wetland operates entirely by gravity flow using almost zero energy for water treatment; the only electricity required is for instrumentation and controls.  Since the deicing compounds are nutrient deficient, a small amount of fertilizer is metered into the influent, based on the flow rate and concentration of the runoff. The first stage of the process utilizes six siphon-dosed vertical flow treatment cells with a total area of 1.1 hectares (2.5 acres), followed by six fill-and-drain treatment cells (siphon-drained) with a total area of 0.6 hectares (1.5 acres).

The wetland meets all permit requirements for CBOD5 removal and has won numerous state and national awards for environmental excellence.

Additional Info

  • In operation since: 2015
  • Type of wastewater treated: Other
  • Type of wastewater (other): Airport run-off
  • Hydraulic load: 22710 m³/day
  • Organic design load (kg BOD/day): 1253 kg/day
  • Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
  • Client: Gerald R Ford International Airport
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